Interintellect Fund Ltd. is an exciting and dynamic education consultancy. We provide in-depth, personalized consulting services for a whole variety of different types of student.

Interintellect Fund Ltd. provides expert help and advice and guidance for those students who study English as a foreign language, those who wish to study a language overseas and those who wish to further their education by, for example, going to University. We help people who wish to continue their studies in the UK, USA or Canada and always recommend starting through a Summer Short Vacation Course.

Interintellect Fund Ltd. is representing educational institutions and summer school providers in the UK, USA and Canada and is promoting various courses for children, teenagers, students and adults.

Summer Courses: There are several summer courses during the longer summer, winter and Easter breaks that allow students the fantastic opportunity of studying and learning English while also enjoying a holiday. These summer courses really compliment any students English language development and also help students to develop social skills through activities such as sports and sightseeing.

Interintellect Fund Ltd. has been founded and registered in the United Kingdom on May 6, 1993 (Registration No 2808746).

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