Pandemic has broken severely our plans for summer. We look forward to opening of boarders and resuming the school study process. Online lessons definitely could not replace the offline education.

We follow every day the situation and hope that in the nearest future we will resume our work to the fullest extent. Britain will open its boarders to those vaccinated first and later to all with negative PCR test. We believe that quarantine will be soon cancelled. The situation is becoming better in other countries too.

We hope that by next summer everything will be as in the old times. We shall travel, study and learn the culture and history of our favourite countries.

In September – October there will be a few International Conferences for Education providers and International Education Agencies. InterIntellect Fund is an active participant of these events. We shall get more actual information which will help to develop new programmes, courses and interesting activities.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all who worked with us - the parents of children and teachers as well as to our partner companies and schools in the UK, USA, Canada who keep calling us and asking for developments and changes under today’s conditions. Thanks to all for their trust in our company and joint work to make the Summer Educational Programmes very successful.

Now we are very busy with the Summer Programmes for next summer all over UK, in Canada and USA, Ireland, Malta and Cyprus, Switzerland, and Czech Republic, France, Turkey and Greece, Spain and Portugal. Please, check the web site on a regular basis to see the update and if you have any quarries you are welcome to contact us by e-mail



Telegram channel

You could expect the best from us in terms of our services and the right selection of courses for your children as well as for yourselves.

We look forward to hearing from you at the earliest and do hope you will afford us the opportunity to be of service to you next summer.